Friday, June 24, 2011

The Angry Ghost Hunter featured in Ghost Voices magazine.

Due to The Angry Ghost Hunter being picked up by Ghost Voices magazine, I will be withholding my new blogs until after their publication. Sorry for the inconvenience to my followers. However, feel free to keep updated with what I’m doing through my new website at

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Ross Allison - The Angry Ghost Hunter

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  1. I have two really great EVP's. One is a guy named frank. told me his name,he asked me if I lived around here. Said it was his birthday and he wantd a ciggarette, which I happened to be smoking one at the time! The other is with a Man & wife named McCutchen. He told me his name. Kinda grouchy. told me to leave. I asked , do you want me to stay and in a very low barratone,almost frogish sounding voice said No!! I then said to his wife I see you were born in May and about 3 seconds later, the man spoke and said very clear and loud,"It's not me, ok!". And in between all this at some point I told them my name. The wife had said "Paula, hey Paula." It was very clear. I put them on my computer program to clean and clear out unwanted noises but it's still not completely clear but you can hear them very clearly. This was great because the Frank evp was only my second try and the McCutchen one was about my 4th try. I'm very happy with them. Thank you....... ME