Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Angry Ghost Hunter on the Angry Ghost Hunter

When I started this blog in February of this year, my intent was to confront the problems that are damaging the field of paranormal research. Yes, I’ve talked about the lack of education, training, and professionalism as well as the abundance of thrill seeking and the competitiveness we face every time we set forth to find truth to the paranormal.

The diversity of ghost hunting groups is commendable. We all want and deserve to make our individual mark in the ghost hunting community. However, with the lack of internal communication and/or in helping our neighboring ghost hunters, more and more problems develop around us.

Those who know me personally will agree that I’m really a nice guy. Not so angry. But I'm very passionate when it comes to ghosts and the research. As my group and I continued to work on finding answers, my frustration grew. So many doors were closed, so little participation and hardly any communication with other groups. I wanted to take on these issues, talk about them and bring them to the surface. We need to acknowledge as a society that there are problems with our habits, attitudes and procedures. Are we so afraid to face the monster in the closet?

Discussing these problems may help us to tame the beast. What the ghost hunting community lacks is the unity, standards, and a force in helping us all find a common truth to the unknown. We do need to come together, build upon each other’s knowledge and learn what each one of us can offer the community. Because if we are so afraid of the monsters in our closets, then how can we face the challenge of ghosts in our homes?

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  1. Great Blog! I am interested in joining a paranormal investigative team, but Federal Way is a little out of my way. I live out near Issaquah. It sounds from this entry that there is a bit of frustration in finding and perhaps integrating/sharing experiences with other groups? Which makes me hesitate to even ask but does AGHOST have any sister groups that are closer to the Eastside? Or even a few people interested in branching out? I have been fascinated with the paranormal for years and have had some odd experiences. However, I am always on the lookout for the logical explanation, so I think I'd be a good addition to any scientifically based approach.