Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who's better than who?

Here in this corner, with 40 investigations, 8 members and worldwide media coverage, The Ghost Killers! And in this corner, with 39 investigation, 12 members and national television appearances, The Spirit Mongers! By now you can almost hear the sound of the bell ring as we, the ghost hunters, face a very competitive field of ghost hunting. Today. with ghost enthusiasts on the rise, more folks are stepping into the ring for the title of “All Knowing Top Dog” in the paranormal field. Why is it so hard to just get along?

I remember the days, (while shuffling through the 2001 investigation reports) when there were few other, openly like-minded people with whom I could discuss ghosts. There was a time when you could count less then 100 ghost hunting groups nationally. It was a time when we all could chat among ourselves on the latest theories and experiments, share reports and even a haunted location or two. So what the hell happened?

Nowadays you can see that most states easily harbor close to 60 investigation groups all competing for the same haunted sites, members and possible media attention. This fighting for paranormal popularity is just down right ridiculous. Come on folks, cant we leave the childish games on the playground and be respectable working adults here? The fight for who’s got the best equipment, most haunted site, best evidence or even the most investigations is really evident with groups working within the same states.

I believe the competition begins when members of a new group is formed as a result of a split from an existing/established group. It’s at this point where the gloves come off. “Newby groups” feel they have something to prove, know they can do something better/different or can become jealous of another groups popularity. You might find it could also be something as a serious issue of lack in communication between groups or as simple as the “he said, she said” phenomena that starts the rumor mill turning. Next thing you know, members are choosing sides, puffing themselves up like peacocks and challenging people within their own and other groups to show what they can do. This is NOT what ghost hunting and investigating is about and it saddens me that we ALL get pulled into the Ring of Drama. There’s a lot of work needed to fix some of the problems ghost hunters face today and it would be helpful if we could work together in building a better paranormal community.

What has helped me is to focus on my AGHOST's goals and not be bothered by what all the other groups think or are doing. In fact, I don’t even check their websites. My focus is about my group, not how I might be able to out-do another group. They've got their job and I got mine. It’s not like we are getting paid to do all this research. If we did, then I could perhaps understand the madness for the buck. But it’s not, so what’s the point in bringing all the drama and stress to the table? I've got better things to do than go toe-to-toe with groups who focus more on themselves than the client.

I really do hope that there are some like-minded groups out there that would like to have a cooperative relationship within the paranormal community. If we could all come together, think of the amazing things we could accomplish. It is most evident that if two different groups worked on the same haunted location and both groups walked out with the same or similar evidence, how credible our research then becomes. It would clearly show that both groups are on the same path of success in obtaining the proof we are striving for. Ultimately, it’s not going to be the work of one ghost hunter or even the work of one group that will prove the existence of ghosts. It will be OUR hard work as a COMMUNITY that will open the eyes of the skeptics and bring forth the truth we are all seeking. Why would anyone in this field not want to be a part of that?

So, ghost hunter, are you willing to shake off that anger, put away your pride, remove the boxing gloves and breath in life? You have the power to make your place in the paranormal world. It’s completely up to you on whether you choose to go in fighting or build a stronger community.

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